Dragon Ball Z (1989)

Dragon Ball Z (1989) Watch Dragon Ball Z (1989)
IMDB Rating: 8.8 / 10 (485)

The adventures of Earth's martial arts defender Son Goku continue with a new family and the revelation of his alien origin. Now Goku and his allies must defend the planet from an onslaught of new extraterrestrial enemies.

Release Date: 26 Apr 1989
Genres: Animation, Action, Adventure
Language: Japanese
Duration: 25 min
Country: Japan
Cast: Masako Nozawa, Jôji Yanami, Mayumi Tanaka, Kyle Hebert


Season List

Episode Title Released
Episode 92 Even Stronger!! Goku's Dream Is Super-Huge 31 Jan 1996
Episode 91 I Am Uub! Now 10 Years Old, the Former Majin!? 24 Jan 1996
Episode 90 Grandpa Goku! I Am Pan!! 17 Jan 1996
Episode 89 You're Late, Goku! Everyone Party!! N/A
Episode 88 Peace Returns!! Majin Buu, Champion of Justice!? 20 Dec 1995
Episode 87 Son Goku Is Strongest After All!! Majin Buu Is Eliminated 13 Dec 1995
Episode 86 The Genki-dama from Everyone Is Finished 29 Nov 1995
Episode 85 A Last Hope!! We'll Make a Huge Genki-dama 22 Nov 1995
Episode 84 Vegeta's Secret Plan!! Porunga and the 2 Wishes 15 Nov 1995
Episode 83 Don't You Pick on Satan!! The Original Buu Is Revived 08 Nov 1995
Episode 82 Pull Through, Vegeta!! 1 Life-Threatening Minute 01 Nov 1995
Episode 81 Vegeta Takes Off His Hat!! Goku, You Are No. 1 18 Oct 1995
Episode 80 Seize the Future!! A Decisive Battle with the Universe at Stake 20 Sep 1995
Episode 79 Buu's Assault!! A Conclusion in the Kaioshin Realm 13 Sep 1995
Episode 78 Earth Disappears!! Buu's Reverse-Transformation of Evil 06 Sep 1995
Episode 77 Where Is the Exit!? Escape from a Collapsing Buu 23 Aug 1995
Episode 76 A Majin's Secret!! 2 More Buu's Inside of Buu 16 Aug 1995
Episode 75 Goku and Gohan's Father-Son Confrontation 09 Aug 1995
Episode 74 What Is There Inside Buu's Belly!? 02 Aug 1995
Episode 73 Vegetto Is Absorbed 26 Jul 1995
Episode 72 The Ace Up Buu's Sleeve!! You Become a Hard Candy 19 Jul 1995
Episode 71 A Fissure Between Dimensions!! Has Buu Snapped!? 12 Jul 1995
Episode 70 Vegetto Surpasses the Ultimate 05 Jul 1995
Episode 69 Merged!! Vegeta's Pride and Goku's Rage 28 Jun 1995
Episode 68 Will the Super Combination with Gohan Come About 07 Jun 1995
Episode 67 For the Sake of the Entire Universe... Return to Life, Son Goku 31 May 1995
Episode 66 Buu's Worst Foul!! Gotenks Is Absorbed!? 24 May 1995
Episode 65 Majin Buu's Great Explosion 17 May 1995
Episode 64 Buu Overwhelmed!! Gohan's Miracle Power 03 May 1995
Episode 63 A Reborn Gohan Returns to Earth 26 Apr 1995
Episode 62 Buu Buu Volleyball 22 Mar 1995
Episode 61 Escape from Another Dimension!! Super Gotenks 3 N/A
Episode 60 Buu Successfully Eliminated with Ghosts!? 08 Mar 1995
Episode 59 A Wide-Open Super Gotenks N/A
Episode 58 The Special Training Is a Success!! You're Finished Now, Majin Buu 22 Feb 1995
Episode 57 Earth's Humanity Exterminated 15 Feb 1995
Episode 56 A Good and Evil Buu Buu Confrontation 08 Feb 1995
Episode 55 Run Away, Satan!! An Angry Majin Buu Emerges 01 Feb 1995
Episode 54 Majin Buu's Good Boy Declaration 25 Jan 1995
Episode 53 The Final Weapon Is Engaged!? Satan Will Save the Earth 11 Jan 1995
Episode 52 Birth of a Superhuman Warrior!! His Name Is Gotenks 21 Dec 1994
Episode 51 The Z Sword Is Broken 14 Dec 1994
Episode 50 Where Is Gohan!? Training in the Kaioshin Realm 07 Dec 1994
Episode 49 See You Later Everybody!! Goku Returns to the Other World 30 Nov 1994
Episode 48 Absurdly Awful Looking!? The Special Training Transformation Pose 23 Nov 1994
Episode 47 Bye-Bye, Babidi!! Majin Buu Rebels 16 Nov 1994
Episode 46 An Astounding, Great Transformation!! Super Saiya-jin 3 09 Nov 1994
Episode 45 West City Is Targeted! Stop, Majin Buu!! N/A
Episode 44 The Legendary Z Sword N/A
Episode 43 Gohan Revived! Kaioshin's Secret Weapon!? 12 Oct 1994
Episode 42 Goten and Trunks! The World's Most Wanted 28 Sep 1994
Episode 41 Enormous Hope!! A New Finishing Technique for the Little Squirts 21 Sep 1994
Episode 40 The Struggle of Videl and the Others! Find the Dragonballs 07 Sep 1994
Episode 39 The Nightmare Revisited! Majin Buu Has Survived 31 Aug 1994
Episode 38 For Those Whom He Loves... Vegeta Perishes!! 24 Aug 1994
Episode 37 A Warrior's Resolution!! I Will Dispose of the Majin 17 Aug 1994
Episode 36 Gonna Eat'cha!! A Hungry Majin's Supernatural Power 03 Aug 1994
Episode 35 Death's Dread Draws Near Gohan 27 Jul 1994
Episode 34 A Straight Line to Despair!? The Grief of Kaioshin 13 Jul 1994
Episode 33 I Won't Allow the Revival!! A Kamehameha of Resistance 06 Jul 1994
Episode 32 The Seal Is Broken! Out Comes the Vicious Majin Buu!! 29 Jun 1994
Episode 31 Just You Wait, Babidi!! Your Aspirations Will Not Be Allowed N/A
Episode 30 The Clash of Goku vs Vegeta N/A
Episode 29 Vegeta, Prince of Destruction, Revived!! N/A
Episode 28 A Wicked Heart Discovered!! Dabura's Great Idea N/A
Episode 27 Confrontation with the Demon King! It's Your Turn Gohan!! N/A
Episode 26 Such Strong Kids!! No. 18's Close Fight!? N/A
Episode 25 Satan vs 3 Super Warriors!? N/A
Episode 24 Goku's Power Wide Open!! Blow Away Yakon N/A
Episode 23 Vegeta's Breakthrough Fist Strike of Fury N/A
Episode 22 A Challenge from the Demon Realm 16 Mar 1994
Episode 21 The Man Behind the Curtains Appears!! The Evil Mage Babidi N/A
Episode 20 Gohan's Power Is Stolen N/A
Episode 19 Exposed!! The Saiyaman Is Son Gohan 23 Feb 1994
Episode 18 A Tragic Videl!! Are You Coming Out, Angry Super Gohan 16 Feb 1994
Episode 17 The Mystery of Spopovich N/A
Episode 16 What's the Matter Piccolo!! An Unheard-of No-Fight Forfeit N/A
Episode 15 Event Match-ups Decided!! Let's Hurry and Hold the First Round N/A
Episode 14 Now What, Satan!? The Greatest Pinch in History N/A
Episode 13 The Junior Champion Is Decided!! N/A
Episode 12 It's My Turn!! Goten, an Anxious First Fight 22 Dec 1993
Episode 11 No Small Matter!! Little Trunks N/A
Episode 10 You're in Danger Saiyaman! Guard Yourself Against Camera Attacks!? N/A
Episode 9 Welcome Back Goku! The Whole Z Team Is Gathered!! N/A
Episode 8 Videl Learns How to Use Bukujutsu N/A
Episode 7 Gohan Is Surprised Too! Goten's Explosive Power N/A
Episode 6 Goku's Also Resurrected!? He's Coming to the Tenkaichi Budoukai!! N/A
Episode 5 The Culprit Is the Saiyaman!? 27 Oct 1993
Episode 4 Gohan, You Must Move Quick! Rescue Videl!! N/A
Episode 3 Gohan's Mixed-Up First Date!? N/A
Episode 2 The Great Saiyaman Appears N/A
Episode 1 It's Been 7 Years Since That Event! From Now on I'm a High School Student N/A
Episode Title Released
Episode 74 The Victory Escapes!! A Great Deciding Kamehameha 01 Sep 1993
Episode 73 A Blazing Decision!! Will It Be Goku or Paikuhan!? 25 Aug 1993
Episode 72 Wild Enthusiasm on Dai Kaio's Planet!! Goku Stirs a Whirlwind 18 Aug 1993
Episode 71 I'm the Greatest in the Next World! The Great Assembly of Successive Generation's Hero's 11 Aug 1993
Episode 70 The Awesome Guy from the Next World 28 Jul 1993
Episode 69 End It All Again!! I Will Protect the Future 21 Jul 1993
Episode 68 A New Day Will Come... Father! I'll Hang in There 14 Jul 1993
Episode 67 I Will Carry on in the Next World!! Farewell with a Smile 07 Jul 1993
Episode 66 The Fight Is Over... Thank You Son Goku 30 Jun 1993
Episode 65 From Goku to Gohan... A Father's Spirit Passed Down N/A
Episode 64 A Nightmare Reborn!! N/A
Episode 63 Bye-Bye Everyone! Goku's Last Shunkan Idou 02 Jun 1993
Episode 62 Cell's Disaster!! The Destruction of His Perfect Body 26 May 1993
Episode 61 Cell Is KO!! Taken Down with 2 Punches 19 May 1993
Episode 60 The Cell Juniors Destroyed 12 May 1993
Episode 59 The Tragedy of No. 16!! Super Gohan's Anger Explodes N/A
Episode 58 The Cell Juniors Attack 28 Apr 1993
Episode 57 Get Mad, Gohan!! Release the Sleeping Power Within N/A
Episode 56 Someone Who Will Succeed the Strongest... His Name Is Gohan 14 Apr 1993
Episode 55 The End of the Desperate Struggle!! Goku Surrenders!? 07 Apr 1993
Episode 54 Goku, a Secret Turnabout Plan 31 Mar 1993
Episode 53 Cell's Huge Kamehameha 17 Mar 1993
Episode 52 The Super-Tense Cell Game 10 Mar 1993
Episode 51 The Great Satan Army Arrives 03 Mar 1993
Episode 50 The Opening to the Decisive Battle 17 Feb 1993
Episode 49 Goku's Perplexing Problem!? 10 Feb 1993
Episode 48 Dende's New Occupation!! The Dragonballs Revived 03 Feb 1993
Episode 47 Find a New Kami-sama!! 27 Jan 1993
Episode 46 The Hidden Strength!! When Gohan Was a Baby N/A
Episode 45 The Girl, the Lie, and Gohan's Decision 13 Jan 1993
Episode 44 Son Goku's Composure!? Just Rest and Wait for the Cell Games 16 Dec 1992
Episode 43 Goku and Gohan... The Hero Father and Son's Ultimate Level-Up 09 Dec 1992
Episode 42 Call for Death with an Exclusive Live Broadcast 02 Dec 1992
Episode 41 The Mystery of the New Tenkaichi Budoukai 25 Nov 1992
Episode 40 Cell, a Shocking Bombshell Declaration 18 Nov 1992
Episode 39 Trunks, the Man Who Lived Through Hell 11 Nov 1992
Episode 38 Trunks' Fury, Which Scorches Even the Heavens N/A
Episode 37 Super Saiya-jin!! Trunks Summons a Storm 28 Oct 1992
Episode 36 An Absolutely Perfect Terror Closes In!! N/A
Episode 35 Birth of the God of Destruction Named Cell 14 Oct 1992
Episode 34 Cell, a Spectacular Evolution Toward His Perfect Form 30 Sep 1992
Episode 33 Krillin's Handiwork in Destroying No. 18 23 Sep 1992
Episode 32 A Challenge to Cell's Perfect Form 16 Sep 1992
Episode 31 I Am Super Vegeta!! 09 Sep 1992
Episode 30 The Super Power of a Radiant Vegeta 02 Sep 1992
Episode 29 A Reborn Vegeta, Father and Son, Sally Forth 26 Aug 1992
Episode 28 Tomorrow I Am Going to Pulverize You!! 19 Aug 1992
Episode 27 The Transforming Cell Is a Super Gourmet 12 Aug 1992
Episode 26 The Wordless Warrior No. 16 Takes Action!! 05 Aug 1992
Episode 25 Piccolo's Flame Burns Out!! N/A
Episode 24 Cell - Prologue to Perfection 22 Jul 1992
Episode 23 Piccolo vs Artificial Human No. 17 15 Jul 1992
Episode 22 In the Room of Spirit and Time... N/A
Episode 21 Go Beyond Super Saiya-jin!! 01 Jul 1992
Episode 20 The Secret of Cell's Birth! What Lies Below the Laboratory!? 24 Jun 1992
Episode 19 Cell Escapes Into the City! 17 Jun 1992
Episode 18 His Name Is Artificial Human Cell N/A
Episode 17 The Monster Who Possesses Goku's Ki 03 Jun 1992
Episode 16 Birth of a Super Namekian!! 27 May 1992
Episode 15 The Discovery of an Evil Egg!! N/A
Episode 14 Bulma Unveils a Mystery 13 May 1992
Episode 13 The Artificial Humans Draw Near Goku 06 May 1992
Episode 12 Piccolo's Resolution!! The Last Measure in His Reserve 29 Apr 1992
Episode 11 Is This the End of the Z Senshi!? 22 Apr 1992
Episode 10 No. 18 Has No Blind Spot 15 Apr 1992
Episode 9 The Ultimate Weapons to Kill Goku 01 Apr 1992
Episode 8 No. 17 and No. 18 Awaken!! 25 Mar 1992
Episode 7 The Search for Doctor Gero's Mysterious Lab N/A
Episode 6 A Present More Terrifying Than the Future!? N/A
Episode 5 The Secret of Doctor Gero N/A
Episode 4 The Might of Vegeta!! The Blood of a Super Saiya-jin Awakens 26 Feb 1992
Episode 3 Caught Between Illness and Adversary 19 Feb 1992
Episode 2 The Cold-Blooded No. 20's Hideous Atrocities!! 12 Feb 1992
Episode 1 Which Ones Are the Artificial Humans!? 05 Feb 1992
Episode Title Released
Episode 90 License Mastery? Goku's Newest Trial N/A
Episode 89 The King of the Fighting Saiya-jin Race N/A
Episode 88 Goku's New Finishing Technique!? N/A
Episode 87 My Dad Is Vegeta... Admissions of the Mysterious Boy N/A
Episode 86 Heya!! It's Been a While... The Return of Son Goku 18 Dec 1991
Episode 85 Freeza Halved by a Single Blow!! Another Super Saiya-jin N/A
Episode 84 I Will Defeat Freeza... The Mysterious Boy Awaiting Goku 04 Dec 1991
Episode 83 That Is Earth Papa... Freeza and Father Counterattack 27 Nov 1991
Episode 82 You're My Guy... Krillin the 101st Proposal 20 Nov 1991
Episode 81 Gohan's Brief Chance for Victory!! Hit the Makyo Planet... 13 Nov 1991
Episode 80 The Ultra Holy Water Worked!! The World Awakens from Its Nightmare 06 Nov 1991
Episode 79 The Mega Vigorous Battle N/A
Episode 78 The Life or Death Journey of God N/A
Episode 77 The War for Super Magic Water 16 Oct 1991
Episode 76 Face to Face! Encounter with Piccolo 09 Oct 1991
Episode 75 Heaven Turns Into a Battlefield 02 Oct 1991
Episode 74 The Black Mist of the Horror N/A
Episode 73 Garlic Junior Becomes God N/A
Episode 72 Warriors Z Come Back to Life 12 Sep 1991
Episode 71 Son Goku Vanishes in the Universe N/A
Episode 70 The Defeat of Freeza N/A
Episode 69 Son Goku Declares Victory: Freeza Self-Destructs N/A
Episode 68 Pitiful Freeza Cannot Stop Shaking N/A
Episode 67 Battle to the End on a Dying Planet N/A
Episode 66 His Last Wish: I Will Stay on the Planet N/A
Episode 65 I'm Son Goku's Son! Gohan Returns to the Battle N/A
Episode 64 Shenlon! Fly Through Space! Nameck's Destruction Nears! N/A
Episode 63 I'll Be the Winner! The Final Attack N/A
Episode 62 An Attack of Evil: Will Nameck Be Destroyed? N/A
Episode 61 His Rage Power! Avenge Everyone N/A
Episode 60 Son Goku Becomes the Legendary Super Saiyan! N/A
Episode 59 Who Survives the Incredible Power of Energy Ball? N/A
Episode 58 Piccolo Stakes His Life to Attack and Aid N/A
Episode 57 A Mega Energy Ball: His Last Ace! N/A
Episode 56 Life or Death Decision: Kaio Style 20X Power! N/A
Episode 55 He's Not Bragging: Son Goku Is Wonderful N/A
Episode 54 Freeza's Declaration, I'll Beat You Without Using My Hand N/A
Episode 53 The Second Power of the Clash N/A
Episode 52 The Battle Again! I'll Defeat You Myself N/A
Episode 51 Bitter Regret! Proud Vegeta Dies 10 Apr 1991
Episode 50 Finally, Son Goku Arrives! N/A
Episode 49 Dende Dies: Bring Out the Ultimate Power! N/A
Episode 48 Be Terrified! Freeza Transforms a 3rd Time! N/A
Episode 47 We Need You, Goku! Freeza Transforms Again! N/A
Episode 46 Piccolo's Confidence: I Will Defeat Freeza N/A
Episode 45 A Sudden Turn of Events: The Warrior Piccolo Arrives 27 Feb 1991
Episode 44 Is This the End? Terrifying Power Attacks Gohan 20 Feb 1991
Episode 43 Battle Power 1 Million: Freeza Transforms 13 Feb 1991
Episode 42 The Birth of an Ultimate Warrior? Neil and Piccolo Merge 06 Feb 1991
Episode 41 Super Shenlon Brings God and Piccolo Back to Life 30 Jan 1991
Episode 40 One Who Has All Seven Balls: Say the Right Words 23 Jan 1991
Episode 39 Ginyu Turned Into a Frog! 09 Jan 1991
Episode 38 He's Not Me: Attack Your Father, Gohan 02 Jan 1991
Episode 37 Appear Super Shenlon and Grant My Wish 19 Dec 1990
Episode 36 What a Surprise! Goku Is Ginyu and Ginyu Is Goku 12 Dec 1990
Episode 35 The Hand of Evil Is on Senior Elder! N/A
Episode 34 Goku's Full Power Is Awesome N/A
Episode 33 Finally... the Clash, Commander Ginyu Appears N/A
Episode 32 The Red and Blue Lightning Ball: Jees and Baata Attack! N/A
Episode 31 Son Goku, the Legendary Super Saiyan 07 Nov 1990
Episode 30 Don't Die, Gohan! Son Goku Finally Arrives 31 Oct 1990
Episode 29 Rikuum! He's Bad! He's Strong! He's Unbelievable! N/A
Episode 28 Awesome Magic or Trick? Mr. Gould Is Mad N/A
Episode 27 Son Goku Approaches Rapidly! Break Through Freeza's Defense N/A
Episode 26 The Ultimate Battle Nears! Ginyu Special Corps Arrive N/A
Episode 25 Frontal Collism! Kamahameha and Kaio Fighting Style N/A
Episode 24 Buruma Is in Danger! Freeza Gets the Dragonball! N/A
Episode 23 Freeza's Secret Weapon! Demonic Ginyu Corps 22 Aug 1990
Episode 22 Son Goku Regains His Power in 100G N/A
Episode 21 Huge Battle Power! Freeza's Plot Crumbles N/A
Episode 20 Back from the Brink of Death, the Miracle Man: Vegeta N/A
Episode 19 Protect the Planet of Hope! Kuririn Powers Up! N/A
Episode 18 Goose Bump Time! Zarbon Transforms Into the Demon N/A
Episode 17 Listen Up Goku! Hands Off Freeza! N/A
Episode 16 100 Times Stronger! The Warriors Gather at Kaio N/A
Episode 15 The Burning Escape: A Desperate Kamehameha N/A
Episode 14 Explosive Dodoria and the Fearsome Shock of Vegeta! N/A
Episode 13 Gohan Is in Danger! The Death Warrior Dodoria N/A
Episode 12 A Surprise Attack! The Target Is the Scouter N/A
Episode 11 Son Goku's Power Is Restored! Six Days to the Milkyway N/A
Episode 10 Ambitious Vegeta: I'm the Greatest Warrior! N/A
Episode 9 A New Enemy in the Universe: Evil Lord Freeza N/A
Episode 8 All the Dragonballs Are Found: Mr. Piccolo Can Be Resurrected N/A
Episode 7 Planet Freeza No. 79: Vegeta Recovers N/A
Episode 6 The Kind Aliens... A Dragonball Suddenly Appears 21 Mar 1990
Episode 5 Really? That's the Planet of Hope, Namek? N/A
Episode 4 Friend or Foe! Children of the Mysterious Giant Spaceship N/A
Episode 3 Take Off for Namek! The Terror That Awaits N/A
Episode 2 The Mysterious Yunzabit: Find God's Spaceship N/A
Episode 1 Leap Into Space! The Planet of Hope Is Piccolo's Home N/A
Episode Title Released
Episode 36 Picking up the Pieces N/A
Episode 35 Super Saiyan, Son Goku: Performs a Miracle! 07 Feb 1990
Episode 34 Hit Him, Kuririn! The Energy Ball of Everyone's Prayers 31 Jan 1990
Episode 33 Don't Die Dad! Gohan's Inner Power 24 Jan 1990
Episode 32 Battle Power Tenfold! Vegeta's Great Transformation 17 Jan 1990
Episode 31 Now Goku! The Last Great Effort 20 Dec 1989
Episode 30 A Battle Beyond Imagination: Son Goku vs. Vegeta 13 Dec 1989
Episode 29 Wow Dad! Kaio's Killer Technique 16 Dec 1989
Episode 28 The Savagery of Saiyan! God and Piccolo Die 29 Nov 1989
Episode 27 Leave It to Me: Gohan's Explosion of Anger 22 Nov 1989
Episode 26 Waiting Patiently for 3 Hours: The Candy Cloud Flies N/A
Episode 25 Tenshihan's Final Scream! His Last Energy Beam 01 Nov 1989
Episode 24 Goodbye Tien... Chauzu's Sacrifice 25 Oct 1989
Episode 23 Yamucha Dies! The Frightening Saiba Men 18 Oct 1989
Episode 22 That's Ridiculous! The Saiba Men Sprout from the Ground 11 Oct 1989
Episode 21 Appear Shenlon! Saiyans Are About to Arrive 27 Sep 1989
Episode 20 The Legend of Saiyans: Son Goku's Roots 20 Sep 1989
Episode 19 Catch Bubbles! The Struggle with Gravity 13 Sep 1989
Episode 18 The End of the Path of Snake 06 Sep 1989
Episode 17 The Road to Victory Is Long 30 Aug 1989
Episode 16 Run Gohan! Back to Mt. Paozu Where Chichi Waits 16 Aug 1989
Episode 15 Escape from Piccolo! Gohan and the Storm 09 Aug 1989
Episode 14 Sweet Seduction: The Snake Princess' Hospitality N/A
Episode 13 Keep Your Hands Off! Enma's Secret Fruit N/A
Episode 12 Napping on the Path of Snake: Son Goku Falls Off! N/A
Episode 11 Saiyans: Greatest Warriors in the Universe, Awaken N/A
Episode 10 Don't Cry! Gohan's First Battle N/A
Episode 9 Sorry Mr. Robot: The Tears That Disappeared in the Desert 28 Jun 1989
Episode 8 A Full Moon: The Secret of Gohan's Power 21 Jun 1989
Episode 7 Gohan's Harsh Survival Training with Dinosaurs N/A
Episode 6 The King Is Shocked: Fighting Is His Netherworld? N/A
Episode 5 The Death of Son Goku N/A
Episode 4 Pikkoro no kirifuda! Gohan wa nakimushi-kun 17 May 1989
Episode 3 Yatta! Kore ga chijô saikyô no konbi da! 10 May 1989
Episode 2 Shijô saikyô no senshi wa Gokû no ani datta! N/A
Episode 1 Mini Gokû wa obotchama! Boku Gohan desu N/A
Episode Title Released
Episode 1 Gohan's Harsh Survival Training with Dinosaurs N/A